Was macht Dermokosmetik so effektiv?

What makes dermocosmetics so effective?

Dermocosmetics can not only combat acute skin problems, but also have a preventative effect by strengthening the skin structure and the skin barrier. This is made possible by the medicinal active ingredients they contain, which are often modeled on those found in human skin and can penetrate much deeper layers of the skin than the substances contained in conventional cosmetics. As a result, a reaction occurs in these deeper layers of the skin that supports or accelerates the skin's processes.

Such skin-like or skin-identical substances include lipids, enzymes, proteins, peptides, highly concentrated vitamins (e.g. A, C, E) , plant hormones, trace elements, messenger substances and antioxidants. In the daily anti-aging skin care routine, these substances have their full effect and - in contrast to classic cosmetics from the drugstore - ensure a long-lasting effect at the cellular level, i.e. where wrinkles arise in the first place. And even if the signs of skin aging cannot be completely reduced, existing signs of aging such as decreasing elasticity, UV-related skin damage, lines, wrinkles and sagging skin can be greatly minimized with the right dermocosmetic treatment.

When is dermocosmetics suitable for you?

Dermocosmetics are always the right choice for you if you want a visible and long-lasting improvement in your skin. And even if the complex manufacturing processes and the highly concentrated, pharmaceutical-medical ingredients lead to slightly higher prices than for ordinary drugstore cosmetics, you can be sure: By permanently using research-based dermocosmetics such as those from SKIN DISTINCT, you are helping your skin to help itself. This is effective anti-aging of the latest generation.