Our perception of beauty changed. The world that we once saw as a source of resources now shines with new splendor. Driven by this realization, we embarked on a journey to unite the power of nature with the knowledge of science. A new vision of skin care was born, based on the innovative power of liposomal systems.

Skin Distinct Wir helfen der Haut sich selbst zu helfen

Liposomal systems:

These tiny, spherical structures made of phospholipids offer a unique way of transporting valuable ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Their special structure means they literally merge with the skin barrier and channel their active ingredients to where they are needed most.

In harmony with nature: scientifically based skin care

Our philosophy:

Naturalness: We only use ingredients that are free from harmful fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

Sustainability: We use energy-efficient processes and technologies in our production to minimize energy consumption.

Effectiveness: Our products are developed by experienced skin care experts and scientifically tested for their effectiveness.