Cosmeceuticals (Dermokosmetik) und Kosmetik: Der Unterschied

Cosmeceuticals (dermocosmetics) and cosmetics: the difference

So-called “cosmeceuticals” are often mentioned in connection with cosmetic products, and SKIN DISTINCT® skin care products are also such products. So what is behind this term and how is it different from classic cosmetics from the drugstore?

The term cosmeceutical is a portmanteau of the words "cosmetic" and "pharmaceutical". This word creation indicates that these are skin care products that lie on the borderline between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They contain well-known and very well-researched pharmaceutical active ingredients in a similarly high concentration to medication. Since the active ingredients they contain do not exceed the maximum permissible amount of pharmaceutical or scientifically developed active ingredients for cosmetics, they are still classified as cosmetics. Cosmeceuticals are also known as dermocosmetics, dermatocosmetics, dermaceuticals or medical cosmetics.

In addition to the type of active ingredients and their highest possible concentration, dermocosmetics, unlike conventional cosmetics, contain special transport aids that transport the active ingredients specifically to those deep areas of the skin where they are needed. This is a key point where classic cosmetics fail, as their ingredients cannot penetrate the skin layers and remain on the surface of the skin.

How conventional cosmetic products differ from dermocosmetics:

  • Cosmetic products or their active ingredients do not have to prove their effectiveness with studies.
  • Cosmetic products often contain unencapsulated active ingredients that cannot reach their actual site of action in the skin.
  • Cosmetic products usually contain smaller amounts of active ingredients, which in turn lead to lesser effects.
  • Cosmetic products are often heavily perfumed, which can lead to allergic reactions.

So for whom is dermocosmetics the right choice?

Cosmeceuticals are the right choice for all those who want to tackle skin problems at the root and see and feel a positive effect in the long term.