The positive effects of vitamin E on our skin have long been known through numerous studies. It is considered a real "beauty vitamin" for facial care. Among other things, it protects our skin and is even able to repair small damages immediately. That is why it is considered an important component of every successful anti-aging treatment and is contained in many serums. It can also be absorbed through diet.

What is vitamin E?

Scientifically speaking, vitamin E is a group of substances known as tocopherols and tocotrienols. These all work in a very similar way. For the sake of simplicity, they are therefore grouped together under the term vitamin E.
It is a complete vitamin. Unlike provitamins, this type of vitamin can be used immediately by the body and does not need to be converted first. But what is much more important is what exactly vitamin E can do for us.

Why is vitamin E so valuable for our skin?

It is best to be cautious when using the term miracle cure, but vitamin E is definitely one of the superheroes of skin care.

• It repairs small damages in the skin barrier and promotes cell regeneration in the skin
• It makes the skin more resistant to bacteria and other pathogens
• It helps the skin to retain moisture over the long term
• It gives us a young and fresh complexion
• It helps prevent stretch marks after pregnancy
• It promotes wound healing
• It reduces scarring

The most important thing: Vitamin E has been proven to help against wrinkles and is particularly suitable for combating frown lines around the forehead and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. This is because vitamin E stimulates the cells to divide. This creates new cells that immediately give the skin a younger appearance.
Although vitamin E can be easily absorbed through diet, it is still recommended to additionally treat the affected areas of the skin externally with creams and serums that contain vitamin E.

SKIN DISTINCT Cleanser Fluid and Cleansing Milk provide the daily dose of vitamin E

The SKIN DISTINCT portfolio includes two products that provide the skin with the daily dose of vitamin E it requires.
The mild microemulsion SKIN DISTINCT Cleanser Fluid is ideal for morning care. The vitamin E contained in the anti-aging cleanser fluid neutralizes free radicals and thus provides a skin-protecting and rejuvenating effect. The radiant freshness and pleasant feeling on the skin is particularly pleasant when the fluid is massaged into the skin for two to three minutes in the morning and then rinsed off with warm water.

In the evening, the particularly mild anti-aging cleansing emulsion SKIN DISTINCT Cleansing Milk cleanses the skin and protects it from aging. Here, too, the vitamin E contained is responsible for the anti-aging effect. The gentle emulsion is simply applied with a cotton ball and massaged into the skin for a few minutes. Many people become "addicted" to the pleasant feeling of the wonderfully soft skin that this creates after just the first few treatments.

Conclusion: Vitamin E is an important component of skin care

If you want to do something good for yourself and your skin on a regular basis, you should also give it enough vitamin E. This works best through a healthy and balanced diet in combination with the best care products such as SKIN DISTINCT Cleanser Fluid and SKIN DISTINCT Cleansing Milk.

The reward for this can be seen after just a short time in the form of a radiant and noticeably younger-looking face.