Daniela* is a phenomenon. Like all of us, she knows that skin ages over the years, but she is not impressed by this. When you look at her face, you are amazed at how smooth her skin is. Especially when you know her actual age. We all know that skin ageing cannot be stopped completely, but if you want to at least slow down the process significantly, you should take Daniela's secrets of success to heart.

If you want to know who is primarily responsible for skin aging, you should trust genetics. To put it a little more scientifically: substances such as elastin, protein, hyaluronic acid and collagen are declaring war on us because they no longer renew themselves as frequently after the age of 25.

When the body loses fat, we are happy about it. But when it comes to the skin, this is not the best news. It makes the skin thinner and more sensitive.

But that doesn't mean that we are helpless in the face of this aging process! Daniela has told us her best anti-aging measures against skin aging and we are happy to share them here.

Daniela's action plan for young and firm skin

Daniela is certain that exercise and nutrition in particular have a major impact on her body and mind. She is not alone in this opinion. Experts now agree that regular sporting activities such as running, Nordic walking or yoga stimulate the metabolism and promote blood circulation in the skin.

It's not about always getting the most out of your body. On the contrary: regular walks in the fresh air are enough to give your skin a permanently fresh and healthy complexion.

She also explained to us why Daniela always has salmon with avocado salad when she invites friends over: these foods contain a lot of omega fatty acids. And they are mainly responsible for our cells being able to regenerate quickly.

To round things off, Daniela also uses an anti-aging fluid that moisturizes the skin and thereby rejuvenates it. The magic word here is: collagen formation! Because these proteins ensure noticeably more elastic skin and therefore make it appear much younger. One such fluid that is suitable for both light and dark skin is SKIN DISTINCT Collagen Filler.

The best comes last: Daniela's absolute insider tip

Exercise, nutrition and an anti-aging fluid. So far, so good. But there is something else that makes Daniela's face look so radiantly young. She swears by a regular face workout!

What does that mean? It simply means that she regularly trains the muscles in her face. Simple exercises such as raising her eyebrows or tightening her forehead with her hands are enough.

The simplest exercise, however, is still to laugh and smile regularly. Because if you go through life with a positive attitude, you not only have more fun, but also have significantly fewer wrinkles.

*For protection reasons, the name has been changed and a symbolic photo has been used.