Anti-aging measures and cell protection for skin, hair and nails Article with medical contribution from Dr. Rolf Bartsch , specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Published by: Verlag Die Bundesländerinnen

Skin, connective tissue, and also hair and nails age. Collagen is very important for the body, as it is the most common protein in the body. As a so-called "structural protein," it ensures the strength of skin, hair, nails, bones, cartilage, and teeth. Along with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, collagen plays a key role in the formation of smooth, firm skin by providing a supporting effect in the connective tissue for the layers of skin above. Unfortunately, from the age of around 25, collagen mass and thus its supporting function decreases continuously, the connective tissue becomes flabbier, and wrinkles appear.

Skin rejuvenation from inside and out. More and more patients want to be treated without long downtimes. Whether for cell renewal, refreshment or wrinkle smoothing - the list of applications that help to achieve a new and fresh appearance without surgery is long. "Many aesthetic treatments such as medical needling, vampire lifting, mesotherapy, ultrasound or radio frequency and lasers deliberately use controlled mechanical or heat trauma," explains plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Rolf Bartsch from theaesthetics, Vienna. The micro-injuries caused by these minimally invasive therapies produce growth factors and stimulate the body's own repair mechanisms in the skin. New collagen and elastic fibers are formed in the connective tissue, the skin on the face and body becomes firmer and gains structure and firmness. If you then also consume collagen powder, for example in the form of a shake or powder, this can have a positive effect on the healing process, says the expert in aesthetic medicine. Hydrolyzed collagen protein from the inside supports the body in many ways and ensures more elastic, stronger and hydrated skin, reduced wrinkles and slower skin aging, in addition, nails and hair can be strengthened.

Hyaluronic acid as the basis for healthy, smooth skin. "Hyaluronic acid is an important component of every anti-aging treatment. In the form of fillers, hyaluronic acid is now indispensable in anti-aging medicine," says Dr. Katrin Bartsch from theaesthetics. The reason for this is that hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of connective tissue and has the ability to bind a lot of water. This property means that hyaluronic acid fills and supports the tissue and ensures the reduction of wrinkles and a smoother skin texture. But this natural production also decreases from the age of 25, and from the age of 60 only ten percent of the original amount is present. Hyaluronic acid can also be taken in the form of dietary supplements.

And all good things come in threes. The third insider tip for anti-aging skin care from the outside and inside is ceramides. Together with water, these fats form the important skin barrier against pollutants, bacteria, viruses and fungi and also ensure that the skin is well moisturized. The regular supply of ceramides counteracts the skin's natural water loss and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. This is also beneficial with antioxidants such as Q10, vitamin C and vitamin E, which can neutralize free radicals.

Consistently achieving the best result. "Significantly changing and visible aesthetic procedures are no longer the top priority in Europe," says Dr. Rolf Bartsch. Modern women of all ages, and increasingly men too, prefer smaller aesthetic corrections, but at regular intervals. This enables most people to look as attractive and young as possible for a long time. It is also important to achieve the best possible result for each individual.