Lipide versorgen die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit


Our skin normally has a fat content of around 40 percent. This protects our face and body from the signs of aging and provides our skin with sufficient moisture. But the dry air in the winter months in particular often draws the last remaining moisture out of our pores. Our skin cannot produce essential fatty acids itself. Therefore, it relies on us supplying them to it from the outside as regularly as possible. In addition to the right diet, experts repeatedly refer to lipids. But what exactly are they and where do we get them from?

What are lipids?

The term lipids is derived from the Greek word lipos, which means nothing other than "fat" in English. From a purely chemical point of view, lipids are simply fatty substances. Overall, they can be divided into seven different classes of substances. But what can lipids do for our skin?
This is easily explained: Lipids prevent the skin from drying out. On the one hand, they smooth the skin structure and on the other hand, they also reduce water loss. In this way, they ensure that we can maintain our fresh complexion and do not get sagging skin on our faces. The question that most readers are probably now burning to ask is: Where can we find these lipids? On the one hand, they are found in our food, and on the other hand, they are also contained in high-quality care products that can be used specifically where it is needed.

SKIN DISTINCT Lipofiller stimulates the build-up of fatty tissue – for the neck, décolleté, hands, arms, legs, breasts and buttocks

In addition to diet, it is important to take direct and targeted action against dry skin. SKIN DISTINCT Lipofiller not only works on sagging skin on the face, but also on other areas of the body such as the neck, décolleté, arms and legs.

To achieve its full effect, SKIN DISTINCT Lipofiller should ideally be used over a long period of time. The best results can be achieved by gently massaging the Lipofiller into the desired area for around one minute every morning and evening for a month. After that, it is sufficient to use it once a day.

The body needs the fat to, among other things, moisturize the skin.
However, it is crucial to consume the good fats, especially essential fatty acids, in your diet and to give the positive effect on your skin an additional boost with the high-quality ingredients of SKIN DISTINCT Lipofiller.