Haut reinigen - Warum so wichtig?

Cleansing the skin - why is it so important?

Skin cleansing is important because it is a fundamental and essential component of skin care. Here are some reasons why skin cleansing is important:

  1. Removal of dirt and sweat: Throughout the day, dirt, sweat, bacteria and environmental pollutants build up on the skin. Cleansing helps remove these build-ups, which helps keep the skin clean and fresh.

  2. Preventing Pore Clogging: If the skin is not cleansed, the pores can become clogged with sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. This can lead to skin problems such as acne.

  3. Improve skin texture: Regular cleansing can help improve skin texture by removing dead skin cells and making skin smoother and brighter. https://skindistinct.com/collections/hautpflege/products/cleanser-fluid

  4. Preparation for further skin care products: Clean skin allows subsequent skin care products to penetrate the skin better and take effect, making them more effective.

  5. Preventing skin conditions: Cleansing can help prevent skin conditions such as dermatitis or infections by removing harmful microorganisms from the skin's surface.

  6. Promote blood circulation: Gently massaging the skin while cleansing can promote blood circulation, which supports skin health. https://skindistinct.com/collections/hautpflege/products/reinigungsmilch

It is important not to over-cleanse the skin or use cleansers that are too harsh, as this can strip the skin's natural oils. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type and using the right technique are also crucial to keeping the skin in the best possible condition.